Why Gifs

Why I always check the backseat before driving
Hey Baby, Why Are You Sad???
Why do they call it that?
Why should grown-ups have all the fun? New Kiddie Salts are for all ages!
Two (2) spectacular reasons why we love Sofía Vergara
Why Olympics logo glitched
The answer to why a lot of things make the front page
See Meg this is why no one likes you...
And this is why they all have dashcams now...
The most simplified explanation to why Ukraine is revolting
Why Gary Kasparov is the best chess player in the world
And this is why you inflate your raft outside.
This is Koch snowflake. It has the astonishing property that its area is finite but its circumference is infinite. Things like this is one of the reasons I don't understand why so few people get excited about math!
Day 4: He looks confused on why he continues to roll, but does it anyway.
Day 3: Still no clear answer to why he does this, we have added a blanket to soften his roll.
I don't know why this makes me laugh so much
And that's why it takes 3 hours and $150 to change your headlight fluid
Took Me a Minute to Get Why This was Funny
So this is why my online orders always come after Christmas...
Maybe this is why the safe is empty.
Why isn't this a thing yet?
Why you should buy your girlfriend a Wii Fit
Why is this not everywhere?
Why China won't be at the World Cup next summer
He is a 400 pound HB and this is why
I don't know why but this gif makes me so damn happy
Why would you do this to yourself
Why one shouldn't cook in a robe
Why Did I Invite My Parents ...
Why the British don't have guns.
So that's why men used to carry canes.
Why I love Family Guy.
why you should never sleep at work
I have no idea why this is so reassuring...
Why I go to the gym.
Why traffic lights exist.
Why won't this fit in my mouth?
Why not Zoidberg?
why didn't you catch me??!?
Can't remember when or why I made this but thought this was the place to post it.
This is why I don't wear boxers
Why I hated The Oregon Trail game.
The reason why I watch Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
A kitten ponders why humans would choose to do this to themselves
Why you shouldn't stand in the street
Why is the history gone?
Why fighters respect the ref.
Explaining to your parents why you're not going out to make friends.
This is why soccer will always be a joke to most Americans