Wheel Gifs

Wheelbarrow (X from /r/chicksfalling)
Skateboard Wheel ◎
Cat wheel
Wheel of Puppy
Being the third wheel is awkward
World's Biggest Bucket Wheel Excavator
Geneva wheel
Cheese Wheel Runs Amok
Rainbow Lorikeets on a Ferris Wheel
When you're the third wheel and they start arguing.
Dog Driving a Power Wheel
Squirrel Helps Behind The Wheel
Driving at High Speeds Missing a Wheel Will Do That To Ya
Hand-launching a U-2 when it loses a wheel
The wheel powers the mechanical dog at the gate.
Time to spin the wheel of porn
Woman resting on road shoulder gets hit by runaway tire
Cyclist gets something caught in his front wheel
Cyr wheel perpetual spin
You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel
Bicycle wheel colliding with a car bumper.
Wheel forever
Falling Asleep at The Wheel Has Never Been So Cute
How the Falkirk Wheel in Scotland raises boats from one water level to another.
Kid vs. spinning wheel
Pottery wheel trick
Wheely impressive.
Being the third wheel
Falkirk wheel
Cat hamster wheel
Wheel of skateboards up the stairs
Hamster wheel for dogs
Crab vs. car wheel
Jesus, take the wheel
☠ Wheel Of Death ☠
Turning the wheel
Falkirk Wheel - a boat lift in Scotland
perfect loop of my watch's balance wheel
Cats sharing their wheel (imgur link in comments)
Ferries wheel long exposures giffed together. Weird.
Wheel of death. [OC]
Manually Operated Ferris Wheel
Skyrim water wheel
Human Hamster Wheel (Eagle vs Shark)
the wheel was invented by accident
Human powered ferris wheel