What Gifs

To all those on this day who know what this feels like.
when it comes to love, you get what you put in
What the... Waaaa!
"My hands... what do I do with my hands?"
Hmm, what creature should I summon today...
Tumblr choosing what will offend them today
What I'll be saying for the next 2 days
Wait, what was I supposed to do?
What is This?
What its like to be a smoker
What is tha...SNAKE!
What goes in, goes out!
Well. He got what he deserved
Daring to do what most only dream of.
What TRUE love is...
What the tow truck driver probably sees when he gets to my broken down car and sees me with trying to find the problem.
Self-defense instructor showing what to do against an attacker with a knife
What do?
"Hmm what was that ? ... oh shit 5-0 ! ... 5-0 !... Run !.... Ruuuun!!!"
What making it, barely, looks like.
What big brothers are for.....
Four years ago today, I got hooked on this drug known as reddit. This is what brought hooked me. Thanks to the glorious bastard that posted this first.
What Goes Around
What being a mom is all about...
I bet, it wasn't what police officer expected
Um... What the heck is this?
Mommy... This is not what I thought
What is my fault?
What is that on the floor, let me go investigate
Lest we forget what took place 10 years ago today.
What is this?
What a blood moon eclipse looks like
What you are essentially doing right this second
What a set up
If the planets revolved around the earth , then to explain what we see in the sky, they would have to move as shown on the right. Instead, heliocentrism relies on the simpler movement to the left, paving the way to its acceptance.
Sometimes I fantasize about what girls do at sleepovers
What Unusual Lifeforms Live Underwater
Yes, What is It?
What happens when 3 bunnies boop
Basically What The Audience At Wimbledon Looks Like
Hey look, we're on camer- Huh, what wa- Ahhh, something touched my belly!!!
Awww what a cute...OH MY GOD
This is What Every Shark Thinks
What Cute Nightmare Creatures
Whale What Do We Have Here?!
What a Hit!
Kind of Like What Nurgle Uses Against Their Foes
Oh shit! What the hell is that!??... Fuck that!
Too tired to care for a stuck claw, what a drag!