Stupid Gifs

Who designed this stupid thing anyway?
Stupid is as stupid does
Two idiots having stupid fun
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
Stupid Horse
When my wife has had a rough week and I do something stupid that normally wouldn't be a big deal...
That Moment When One of You're Friends Say Something So Stupid Your Brain Has to Reset
"Here's Your Stupid Ring!"
One of the most stupid and most fun things to do with a mattress in a college hallway
Kitty Remembers The Stupid Thing You Did Just Yesterday
Kid lights firecracker in his mouth
MRW I try something stupid expecting to fail but end up succeeding
Stupid referee... I will stalk and stare you to death!!
Stupid just went to a whole new level
I Do Not Want to Participate in Your Stupid "Sing You The Song of My People"
I'm not playing your stupid game
Kid lays down under a moving trin
I love this stupid dog so much!
Sometimes Even The Coolest Birds of Prey Can Look Stupid
Stormtroopers Are Stupid
Stupid mean human
Whenever the OP says something stupid in comments
"Nathan Fillion's Stupid Hairpiece Trick"
Stupid F*&#ing Lettuce!
Stupid dog.
Boredom can make a man do stupid things
MRW a co worker says Archer is overrated and stupid [OC]
Stupid sexy Feraligatr!
Can't tell if stupid or brave...
Still hearing those stupid last year jokes
Who looks stupid now?
MRW I do something stupid
Hehe...look at this stupid thing, ima get it OHMOTHEROFGODHELP!!!
I love that so many people can be stupid all at the same time.
How I feel about all these stupid filtered photos with overlayed text