Reaction Gifs

My reaction to my gf wanting to try anal
Local reaction
I turned on the facecam and this was their reaction to seeing themselves for the first time!
Fastest human reaction time ever
George Bush's reaction to getting a shoe thrown at him
That Reaction from Japan's PM after shaking hands/photo-op with Trump...
My new favorite reaction .gif
Every action has a reaction
Election reaction on CNN.
Mom Reaction Taking Shot ;
Actual reaction of Bernie when he found out Hillary might be too sick to run for president
Swimmer's reaction after the reporter told her her time
Everyone's reaction when they walk in my apartment and they see I have a Brontosaurus head mounted on my wall
Boy reaction
My BF's reaction when I ask for s*x and he's still mad after our fight.
Knockout Reaction
Most people's reaction to the new Star Wars trailer
My reaction when NASA finds water on Mars but has no actual pictures of water on Mars.
His reaction when he finally breaks the glass is priceless
Grandma's Reaction When You Say That You've Had Enough to Eat
My reaction every time I watch a Snowden interview or visit /r/conspiracy
Baby's Reaction to Avocado Reminds Me Not to Befriend Any Babies
When You Can't Tell if You Enthusiasm is Too Much
What Are We Looking At?
Drake's reaction after Madonna kissed him was priceless.
My grandmother's reaction when i asked for food but there isn't
My wife's reaction when I haven't showered in a few days...
The internet's reaction to the black+blue/white+gold dress debate.
Saw this in South Park and I thought it make a good reaction gif
Slow Reaction There, Eh Cat?
My reaction when my girlfriend & I went to the cinema and 50 Shades of Grey was the only movie shown at that time
My stomach's reaction after eating Mexican food
Chain Reaction
A Peculiar Reaction to Tuna
Who Poked Me?
Chemical reaction
Every news channels reaction to another missing flight
Pretty good reaction time from this little movie extra
A Very Typical Reaction to Playing Mega Man
About as Fast My Camera Phone TBH
Cat Meets Dog
A chain reaction of fail
Cat Has The Best Reaction to Cheese Falling on Their Face
The Best Reaction to The Star Wars: Force Awakens Trailer
Equal and opposite reaction
When Somebody Gets You Up at The Usual Time On Your Day Off
Priceless Reaction From a Baby That Learned to Hug a Dog
Kitten chain reaction
My family's reaction when I have a broken foot and refuse to use my crutches.
This was our dog's reaction to a lemon after he tasted it