Punching Gifs

The Second One Had Some Fire Behind It
What a Hit!
Christmas time punching babies
This is What Happens To Those Who Make Humpday Jokes
When Good 'Friends' Fight...
Fighting a Ghost
Real World Meets Gaming
Cat Imitates E. Honda
This Guy Can Kick It
Old White People Sure Are Angrier Than Most at Corporate Branding Culture
Only in Russia
Amir Khan Keeps The Bottle Bouncing
Man punching a toddler
Relax Afroman, This Isn't Rockband, You're Gamer Score Isn't Going to Be Affected
Whats With Dads Punching Out Windows?
Hockey Makes Dad Angry
This Guy is Fed Up With The Culture of Advertising
Betty White Has No Time For Your Nonsense
The First Punch is Always The Strongest
From Downtown
Some Things Are a Lot Stronger Than You Are
Just Put Him Out Of His Misery
Boxing Practice, Those Alley Cats Better Watch Out!
You Picked The Wrong Person to Mug
This Punch is Called "The Usain Bolt"
Buzz Aldrin punching a conspiracy theorist in the face
Some Hockey Fights End Really Quick
Finally an Argument For Punching a Kid
The News Just Hit Him
How to Win an Argument
Mama Said Knock You Out
Anti-Air Armaments
Accidental Knockout
Unexpected Witness
Overstretched: Revisited
You're Just Another Brick That Was Going to Go In The Wall But Then This Dude Punched It, So You Got That Going For You
Wrestling Makes Dreams Come True
Mr. T punching a shark.
Some say they're still punching each other to this day
Ahh, the old "I'm just punching the air in front of me. If you get in the way that's your own fault..." trick!