Police Gifs

Hover bikes for Dubai police patrol
Spanish police attempting to enter a polling station during the protests in Catalunya
The most unusual police chase
Why police dogs are more commonly used
Playing rock paper scissors with the police for underage drinking
The police is not amused
I bet, it wasn't what police officer expected
tv reporter trips a Syrian refugee child while fleeing police in Hungary...AGAIN
Guy shoots at police van. No remorse
Dogs are better Police Officers than people
Skater and police car
Arm Rest Police
Police evading an object
this is the police mother fucker!
Police abuse
Paul Blart, Meme Cop
Guy rides motorcycle down mall escalator while evading the police
That’s one way of getting rid of police
Police Arrest Armed "Terrorist" in Newsroom of State Television In The Netherlands
Now that the British police are starting to bust the fucks behind the DDoS attacks
"Somethings Wrong, Officer?"
The swedish police raiding the pirate bay servers.
The T1000 is Back
Amazing police dog catches shooter
When the protestors cancel because of the snow but you and the other riot police are already geared up.
Horse walks into police station
Trolling The Police
Driver jumping red light gets a surprise
Police Department claims she "vaulted herself off the wall."
Girl gets hit by police car while crossing the street
Cop hits pedestrian on crosswalk
Police Officer Saves Suicidal Man From Train At Last Second
Fan with flare catches fire from pepper spray
Man tries to hide from the police [true footage]
Chicken Police Stop Rabbit Fight
How police encounters seem to go these days.
Police dog wants to play soccer
This cop is the T-1000 (Swedish Police dashcam)
German police doesn't take kindly to politeness.
Ukrainian riot police getting bricked in the head
Ukrainian Police Having Fun
Fucking the police with style
Police Discretion
Dog wants to play with police horse
Sergeant Frank Drebin, Detective Lieutenant Police Squad.
Fuck the Police
Traffic cop gets hit by bull in intersection
Russian policeman smashes car window
Riot Police are the most elite level of law enforcement
Police K9 jumps car to take out shooter