Ouch Gifs

Rough Landing
That's Gonna Leave a Mark
I Think They're Fine
Frat Bro, Doesn't Understand How to Take The Stairs
This What It's Like When Worlds Collide
Driving at High Speeds Missing a Wheel Will Do That To Ya
Target: The Tree
Sorry Dad
Jump on exercise ball prank
Good Try
Well I Guess This Seems Like a Good Idea
Just Take Those Old Records Off The Shelf
So Glad We Got These Seats in The Front Ro-OWW
Just Gotta Make Sure You Don't Have Another Kid
It's All Water Under The Bridge
Ice is Slippery, Son
You're Never Gonna Pass Cat Burglary School
That Looks Like It Hurt
Relax Afroman, This Isn't Rockband, You're Gamer Score Isn't Going to Be Affected
Hopefully There'll Be a Next Time, And You'll Wear Helmet
Kid Suffers a Double Fail
Never Lose Sight of Your Immediate Surroundings
Rammers Gotta Ram
Never Try a New Trick in Front of an Audience
Firefighter Trolls Kids By Sounding The Sirens Inside
New Olympic Event
Not Sure if The Hand Rails Help Or Make This Whole Scenario Worse
Can You Give Me a Lift?
Nailed It
Gymnastics girl lands on kitten
Never Underestimate Your Opponent
Woman resting on road shoulder gets hit by runaway tire
Batman Strongest Enemy
Timing Coordination is Off
Never Underestimate Your Opponent
Morpheus parkour fail
You Sure This is The 'Up' Escalator?
Mountain bike front flip fail
Nutcracker Compilation
From Downtown
Hard Bumming Your Teammate
Why Are You Hitting Yourself?
High backflip fail
Some Things Are a Lot Stronger Than You Are
Clap push-up fail
So That's Why That Slide Isn't in Use
Physics 101