News Gifs

Reading the news in 2017
news reporter in asia
This GIF Shows the Evolution of the Breaking News From Orlando
So much tough news these days
The Magic of The News
Scott Wiener: "Fox News is not real news, and you're not a reporter."
News Reporters Looses Control Throwing Axe on Yet Another Important Issue
Sometimes News Happens While You're Covering News
Hey, We All Know Weather Reporting is Just a Means to Coax Viewers to Stay For Advertising Revenue So Just Play Fetch With Me
Obama doesn't trust Fox news
Reporter shoves make-up artist out of the way on live TV - Hannah Storm
A Japanese news crew was covering the Charlie Hebdo terror case in France when suddenly...
Coming Through!
Every news channels reaction to another missing flight
Early Breaking News
That's Oregon For Ya
Good news everyone!
Lemme Help With The Weather, Guy
Never Mind, Just Passing Through
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
The First Person to Buy an iPhone 6 Drops It on The News
A Problem With Live Television
Reporter gets videobombed with dildo
News reporter gets a dildo stuck into his ear
Giant Spider Invades The News
The News Just Hit Him
The Hula Hoop Challenge
This Guy Tries to Make The Reporter Cool Down
Obama's Speech Regarding Gun Violence in The US
Guy imitating a dog attack on the news
Newscaster gets interrupted by a teenager. Her reaction is priceless.
BBC News camera accidentally pans upwards during report
This happened on an Indian national news Channel
cable news networks in a nutshell
Wade's happy to be the bearer of Bad News
Fantastic news anchor blooper
Two shirtless German guys videobomb a live news report
Captain Jack Sparrow interrupts news reporter
Reading the news
Breaking news in Philadelphia
With all the recent news regarding GTA/game violence, I think we can all take some wise advice from Bender
I was on the news last night for Unicycle Football. They caught why I'm sore today.
Drunk Overly Attached girlfriend bombs News Channel.
Reporter draws penis on live news
Hard hitting news coming out of China!
So apparently Fox News has declared Mr. Rogers an 'evil, evil man'...
Next-gen console news lately
With the Iphone 5S news coming soon, this is what I always think.
North Korea, once the news shifted focus to the Boston bombing.
Watching the news unfold with my cat. Celebrating the suspect's arrest.