Mrw Gifs

MRW the Windows Update window pops up and I postpone it for the maximum 4 hours
MRW I find a new song I like
MRW my female friend asks "Does every letter auto fill a porn site on your laptop?"
MRW walking into the bar right as it opens
MRW I try to exit Skype and it keeps asking if... I want to exit Skype...
MRW a bunch of girls at a bar are discussing how chest hair and beards are gross, but one says she thinks they're sexy.
MRW I notice that my adblock extension has blocked 12 pop ups on a website
MRW someone says "Thanks for ruining my grades, Reddit"
MRW the family who got to the restaurant 10 minutes after me gets their food first
MRW I try to print something off the family printer
MRW as a child when my older brother would hit me because I was being a little douche.
MRW people try using my paper to cheat on a test.
MRW my girlfriend starts yelling at me for no reason
MRW I realize the orange juice I'm drinking is 3 months expired.
MRW I have to pee with morning wood
MRW doing a brawler build in Dark Souls II
MRW I pump myself up for a big life choice and throw myself in it 100%
MRW my girlfriend gives me something and I'm mad at her. (got told I should post here)
MRW I try to jump on the ground after I get off a trampoline
MRW my friend told me her father never allowed her to watch LotR.
MRW when the new hire gets promoted before me
MRW I get someone's name wrong
MRW Class gets cancelled while I'm commuting
MRW I start my first day at my new job
MRW I hear it's lady's night at the car show
MRW a girl keeps going after I finish
MRW a co worker says Archer is overrated and stupid [OC]
MRW I get turned on by my ex-wife.
MRW I see myself on a security camera monitor [OC]
MRW my girlfriend returned home after being away for two weeks.
MRW My boyfriend actually likes something I cooked
MRW I give someone an ice cold soda after furiously shaking the fuck out of it beforehand.
MRW I order a pizza and it comes with free jumbo ribs
MRW I try to take a walk in Sweden
In college, I went home with a random girl and was a little "premature". MRW I ran into her and a group of friends a week later, and she introduced me as "the guy from last weekend".
MRW my ex boyfriend unexpectedly showed up on my doorstep late last night because "he thinks we should talk".
MRW I chew minty gum, then breath in cold winter air.
MRW I remember to clean out my vacuum's year old filter
MRW I am playing a shooter co-op with my friend [OC]
MRW I drive my black car, with black steering wheel, black seats & metal gearknob, after it sat in the 40°C/104°F Australian sun all day
MRW I'm in the shower and someone flushes the toilet
MRW I post something snarky on facebook and the likes start pouring in
MRW I go down on a girl
MRW I first got to drive by my self
MRW someone tries to hand me their snot nosed kid [OC]
MRW I see my ex at a club
MRW I am being accused of things I haven't done
MRW I am stuck behind someone going unreasonably slow on the highway with no way around
MRW I'm drunk at a friends and they tell me I can sleep anywhere
MRW I see my younger sister and her friend taking photos