Mrw Gifs

MRW I get new fiber optic broadband
MRW I'm in the middle of writing a text message and my cat bumps my hand in a way that makes me press the send button
MRW my wife tries to take the last piece of her grandma's homemade apple pie
MRW I'm browsing the net and a popup ad tells me I'm their million dollar winner
MRW all my teachers assign too much homework during fall break.
MRW when my sister who is an awesome cook, invites me over for dinner.
MRW I saw a bedbug crawling past me.
MRW I accidentally erased 100GB of curated porn I accumulated in the last 10 years
MRW I delete a comment with downvotes
MRW I see a bug
MRW I'm lying in bed and my wife comes in and says she's washing the Bed Sheets today.
MRW i'm driving a semi in GTA V
MRW I fall asleep in class
MRW my girlfriend asks me to come over but I don't have a car
MRW I start to play music when the headphones are on full volume
MRW I see a good looking girl in yoga pants
MRW I hit a root while mountain biking
MRW my girlfriend says she likes they way I stink
MRW when two friends are arguing and one of them mentions my name
MRW I finish masterbating and it lands on my face
MRW two chicks start fighting and a boob pops out
MRW I ask my friend for McDonalds and he brings me Burger King..
MRW I saw Dying Light's E3 trailer
MRW passing someone that has been holding up the exit ramp trying to cut everyone off & he's looking back at me.
MRW when I smell beer on a hungover morning.
MRW I'm giving myself the Heimlich maneuver and trying to play it off as cool, like I'm not choking.
MRW My mother says shes going to drive
MRW I'm at the gym and the machine doesn't have a 'How To Use' picture
MRW I see a dead pixel in my monitor
MRW I was on the price is right, I bid $675 and the guy after me bid $676 and the actual retail price was $675
MRW I see another "playboy sent to neighbor's house" thread on the front page of /r/reactiongifs
MRW I confront my neighbor about stealing my Playboy
MRW when I see my neighbors fighting over a Playboy magazine and I'm watching porn on my computer
MRW a friend uses an embarrassing story of mine to make girls laugh.
MRW I mow my lawn on the first nice weekend day of the year in Michigan.
MRW my coworker tells the CEO it's their own fault that our company is failing
MRW when my neighbor confronts me, thinking i stole his Playboy magazine
MRW I, as a mailman, suddenly realize I delivered Playboy subscription to the wrong address
MRW it turns out the hot girl waving at me was waving at her friend instead
MRW I learned that anyone still has a physical copy of Playboy magazine delivered by mail.
MRW a torrent from weeks ago gets a seeder and starts downloading
MRW when I don't find my Playboy magazine waiting fo me in my mailbox and I suspect one of my neighbours stole it.
MRW I come across porn that wasn't exactly what I was looking for
MRW I post something that I think is cool and reddit-worthy but I get ripped to shreds for reposting
MRW my little brother starts crying when I don't let him on my brand new computer.
MRW a Best Buy employee shows me the HDMI cords and says, "You should definitely get the gold plated ones, they have a better connection speed."
MRW my 13 year old brother tells me that he is bullied because of his eczema.
MRW I tell my friend his apartment has a gas leak and he replies "Don't worry, that smell has always been here".
MRW my gf kisses me after a guy has been hitting on her at the bar.
MRW I see an 16 year old kid driving a $50k+ vehicle.