Mrw Gifs

MRW watching Jurassic World
MRW when I realize that cute, popular girl was totally flirting with me in 6th grade 20 years ago.
Being in an office full of women, MRW there is finally full cream milk instead of skimmed milk in the fridge.
MRW I find a new subreddit that's so perfectly titled, I don't even read a single post before I subscribe.
MRW a pedestrian thinks I'm going to slow down when they're taking their sweet time crossing the road.
MRW I found out /r/CuteFemaleCorpses exists
MRW my pee splits into two streams and both streams stay aimed inside the toilet bowl
MRW when viewing pics of Russian daredevils taking selfies from the spires of tall buildings
MRW when telemarketers discover my new cell phone number
MRW I'm playing hide and seek at a store's clothing aisle.
My brother's and MRW our family would visit relatives and we world be bombarded with questions.
MRW I leave my dead end job I've been working for years for a job that I do the same thing for twice the pay.
MRW hanging out with the kids when wife says dinner's ready
MRW I'm in the bathroom of the plane and we hit minor turbulence.
MRW when I'm with redditors and they see a spider
MRW I realize that I literally started trying to diet 8 hours ago, but then Doritos.
MRW I'm in a group text
MRW When during sex my wife slide her hand near my anus
MRW I'm at a wedding and a guy at the table says he's caught 4 garters and my count is on 5 garters.
MRW she says to finish wherever I want.
I few weeks ago I sent in all my college applications, this is MRW the mailman comes by my house
MRW the $30 bulb I bought solely because it was advertised as silent starts to make a humming noise.
MRW Marvel confirmed Spider-Man is joining forces with the MCU
MRW I turn on the shower and the water is cold.
MRW I see gas prices dropped to 82 cents/L
MRW the Australian guy in my office brings me a vegemite sandwich to celebrate Australia day
MRW I'll have to pay child support if I don't pull out...
MRW my girlfriend greets me in front of her parents for the first time
MRW I try something stupid expecting to fail but end up succeeding
MRW I check my phone in the middle of the night.
MRW I remember to eat the first meal of the day around 3PM, right before I faint. Also a fairly accurate depiction of what said meal tastes like.
MRW I hear the girl behind me ask her friend what my name is.
MRW I'm waiting on /r/reactiongifs to remove my post for being an analogy despite featuring a facial reaction.
MRW I forgot I preheated the oven.
MRW I'm deleting my email spam folder
MRW finals are finished
MRW I check to see if anyone likes my Russell Crowe post yet.
MRW I want everyone to think I'm disgusted with something, when it's actually my fetish.
MRW I eat too much Chipotle
MRW almost everything on the Thanksgiving table has walnuts in it.
MRW I see a payphone still in commission.
MRW my post is removed from /r/reactiongifs and I'm told to post this here instead.
MRW I check to see if my roommate is pumped for his first date since his divorce
MRW my gf says her period is over
MRW I casually eat a fly at work and a co-worker catches me in the act
MRW people won't stop talking to me
MRW I see a a hot girl across the street.
MRW I open the door to leave the office in the morning after working overnight.
MRW I'm at a party and hear my name in a conversation.
MRW I got banned from /r/TheStopGirl