Mrw Gifs

MRW when I have exact change ready for the cashier, even after tax is added.
MRW my boyfriend wants a handjob after I've just got off a 12 hour shift.
MRW he climaxes but I don't want to get it on my hair
MRW the mods of /r/ReactionGifs remove my post
MRW I see a zombie student running in the hall
MRW I try to have sex with my pregnant wife
MRW my best friend and I comes up with a new plan to take over the world
MRW I use an Electronic Cigarette for the first time
MRW I Discover a new hairstyle
MRW I get my paycheck and have to pay all my bills at once
MRW I tell a perfect Dad joke
MRW my arm is numb
MRW someone keeps saying I encourage violence after I already denied it
MRW when i see all the mobile users talking about the double tap upvote
MRW I piss in the morning after 12 hours of sleep
MRW I come home from work and notice my girlfriend went grocery shopping
MRW I get dropped off after "winning" the pre-game beerpong bowl.
MRW I wake up on a Monday morning
MRW I pay off two student loans and gear up for the last one.
MRW my stamina is low but the mission I'm in has a time limit
MRW i saw the threat
MRW I'm a month late with Halloween posts
MRW watching Odell Beckham get TWO feet in the end zone before ball comes out
MRW my boss sets me up for a dirty joke and my coworkers try and stop me
MRW I find out that pressing A gives an upvote
MRW i load up Fallout 4 on my roommates shitty computer for the 16th time
MRW I bought my copy of Fallout 4 at the midnight release
MRW I walk in on my parents having sex
MRW I leave work early and realize it's already dark outside
MRW my computer suddenly invites me to install Real Player
MRW I start losing in an NHL video game
MRW I pull up to a drive thru box and they ask if I want to try the new promotional item
MRW the typing test is scored on speed but not accuracy
MRW the chip breaks off in the queso
MRW I'm drunk and I'm petting a dog
MRW someone catches my obscure reference
MRW I change my profile picture
MRW my boyfriend grows out his beard
MRW my crazy ex texts me out of the blue
MRW I have friends over but I'm tired and they won't leave
MRW my friend tells me who Keyser Söze is
MRW I saw my buddy with a girl in public
MRW it's been a long week and the guy at the bar next to me is buzzed and trying to make small talk
MRW the waitress takes away my beer glass when there's still a tiny bit left in the bottom
MRW I turn down the gf for sexy times
MRW somebody tries to give me their mixtape
MRW my embark area in Dwarf Fortress is "heavily forested"
MRW someone tailgates my designated driver.
MRW I hear Japan has lifted its 67-year-old ban on dancing
MRW I finally get laid after 5 years