Long Gifs

Ludicrously Long Line of Lemurs
Long kick
s long as he's sleeping.
How long it takes to complete a task.
Training for Paralympic Long Jump Competition
Huge Long Set of Balls on bull in Mexico
After a long day you finally get home
It took me WAY to long to notice the man in he crowd.
Long live capitalism
This guy gave away his last fuck a long time ago.
Long Distance Love
Rhino taking a long dump
So long and thanks for all fish.
MRW it's been a long week and the guy at the bar next to me is buzzed and trying to make small talk
It's Going to Be a Long Day
when you see your GF for some sexy times while in a long distance relationship
One long squiggle of chocolate and ice cream.
Woke up with a crick in my neck. It's going to be a long day.
When the alarm sounds at 2am after a long day of work.
This is one really long cat
I Could Watch This For a Berry Long Time
When Your Friend Hugs You For Too Long
Cat vs long skinny balloon
Spent way too long watching this
How I Get On The Couch After a Long Day
How it feels to have a long smooth poop.
Me and my friends trying to plan an event before the long weekend is over.
Long live the king.
Taking off your socks after working a long day at work
How Long Do I Put Them in For, Again?
warehouse long jump
I'm tough as long as you don't move
When one gazes long into the maw of the hamster... the hamster's maw gazes also
Long live the King
Is this the Legendary Long Tongue Women?=.=
Long lost alternative ending to the show Lost
Long Creek Falls
A Chinese pirated copy of Harry Potter came with these 'subtitles'. Long gif but worth it.
When the gf comes back from a long trip
Stand in the road long enough when people are trying to get home to see their families, and this might happen
This Gallery is Taking a Long Time to Go Through
Long slip-n-slide
Longest bowling strike - 120 feet
A really long hill
I Laughed Way Too Long At This One
I spent too long in r/woahdude
The Battle of Long Island, 1776
Resting after a long walk.
Somebody is looking to make an impression on the 2016 Rio Olympics long jump program.
I was listening to Mumford and Sons in the car with my mom. After about a half hour, she said, "Christ, this is a long song."