Lightning Gifs

Way Too Close to Lightning Crashing
Chicago's Willis Tower struck by lightning tonight
How lightning finds the path of least resistance
Lightning crackle, >60fps.
Red lightning
Lightning speed
Lightning at 7,000 frames per second!
Lightning strike
Lightning Illuminate a Scary Skyline filled with Bats
Lightning reflexes
Lightning Crashes
Lucky Escape From Lightning Blast
Thor Was There
Rainbow lightning
How Lightning strikes the ground in Slow Motion
Bats At Night In Lightning
Lightning strike
So That's What a Truck Getting Struck By Lightning Looks Like
Lightning strikes a pick up truck
How to Erase CDs
Lightning strike vaporizes a cable
Lightning storms as seen from the space shuttle
Bats illuminated by lightning
Lightning in ultra slow mo.
Simply Amazing
Lightning as seen from the International Space Station
Copenhagen's Lightning
God Doesn't Approve of Your Selfies
Lightning strike.
Lightning Hits a Moving Truck
Lightning hits truck on Polish highway
Lightning destroys tree
Lightning strike hits and breaks tree in front of car
Volcanic lightning
Amazingly close lightning strike.
Car being struck by lightning
Lightning is Truly Magnificent
Lightning Strike caught on a Security Camera
Lightning slowed down at 10,000 frames per second.
Lightning direct hit on train in Japan
lightning strikes tree captured from near house [gif]
sweet slo mo lightning strike i caught on my go pro
Almost struck by lightning
Lightning is Awesome
Had some bad weather, caught a lightning on cam and decided to make my first gif.
Homemade lightning
What I did when there was a sudden lightning strike while I was fishing knee-deep in a river.
Time-lapse of a lightning storm seen from space
Lightning vs Transformer