Light Gifs

Water bending light (xpost /r/damnthatsinteresting)
Light through a prism.
Refraction of light in water
Light switch potato dispenser
How a 4-way light switch circuit works.
Light traveling through a fibre-optic cable.
Physics light slow mot
Light & Dark
3D printed replica of Mormon Seer Stone, that has a secret message when the light of God shines in it
3 way light switch
This is why you pour the gas on the fire THEN light it.
A small gif of dairy cows seeing light of day for the first time
Light study
Light And Shadow Change Faces
How light can change your appearance
Putting candle light out with ping pong ball
This is how light travels through a fibre-optic cable. Total Internal Reflection.
Light Refracting
Internal reflection - how light travels through an optical fiber
Chaplin discovered the manliest way to light a cigarette
Light On Fuel
Light bouncing in a mirror captured at 100B frames per second.
Artists paint mural that looks different depending on what color light is shining on it.
What it would look like if the Orion Nebula was a distance of 4 light years away
In light of what is happening in France right now, I think it's important that this doesn't become a Muslim 'witch-hunt' and that non-Muslims remember this
In light of recent events.
What is The Green Light Floating Around Earth?
In light of Ebola's spread in Dallas...
Cat performs cool light trick to impress his friend, who is obviously not easy to please.
Driver jumping red light gets a surprise
Light warm u before hitting the gym.
Light bulb Newton's cradle
In light of recent events
In light of the new Emma Watson nudes released today.
Crested gecko pupils vs. light
Light bulb burning out
Didymium glass absorption of light from a Sodium flame
Playing Red Light, Green Light With a Puppy
Lightsaber physics irl
Light bulb burning out
Lightning strike hits and breaks tree in front of car
Gonna need some tail light fluid.
Simple, but my friend is doing the particle effects work for Hyper Light Drifter
light echoes - starlight from a variable star reverberating throughout a gas cloud [Hubble Telescope].
Light is everything.
First time in history that a meteorite has been filmed in the air after its light goes out
Veins in near infrared light