Landing Gifs

Crash landing
Coming in for a landing
stylish landing
Two planes landing at the same time
Snowy Owl landing on a traffic camera in Montreal
Crash landing
Landing hard on the toilet and it's nothing but shart.
A plane's devastating crash landing in the forest caught on video.
Forgot to Put The Landing Gear Down
Good form. Rough landing
Not the Easiest Approach to landing a plane
Rough Landing
Spring Break is Getting Close
Landing like a boss!
Cross wind difficulties when landing a small plane
A Way to Win a Fight Without Landing a Blow
Who Needs a Runway to Land?
Plane Landing on a Truck
Sweet Jump, Bad Landing
One Hell of a Landing
The Rosetta flight path from launch to landing on a comet
Smooth Landing
Harrier no nose gear landing on stool
Van Persie's landing after a header
St. Marteen landing
Fractalius Owl Landing
Owl Landing
Driving a car off a jump and landing on a flying cargo plane [Grand Theft Auto V]
Landing a plane in crosswinds: not for the light-hearted
Unicycle parachute landing
Amazing skateboard landing
The way he glides right before landing
nICE landing
Nailed the landing
Landing a ski jump like a boss
Landing in the desert
Plane landing in extreme crosswinds
Slip 'n Slide Parachute Landing
Without the weight of its engines and with its landing flaps deployed, a 747 sitting in a boneyard waiting to be dismantled got lifted in place by strong wind
A Soft Landing
10/10 Perfect Landing
Crash Landing of a Boeing 727 in the desert
Tony Hawk's reaction to Mitchie Brusco landing a 1080 at the X-Games.