Kick Gifs

This Guy Surely Got a Kick Out Of This.
If this isn't the most ingenious setup to a corner kick then i don't know what is...
Long kick
Soccer gaming foul kick
Roberto Carlos - Free kick of Legend
I've never seen this sort of kick
Little Girl Shows Amazing Spin Kick
Karma. You don't kick dogs.
Where Will You Be When The Drugs Kick In?
Insane MMA side flip ball stomp (Wu Ze)
I animated a T-Rex doing a sweet kick flip! :
Kick fail
Party Too Hard
Double bicycle kick goal
Ant Man Proves That Little Guys Can Kick Some Major Ass
Girl accidentally kicks dog while doing yoga
This man tried to kick a defenseless dog and got exactly what he deserved... instant karma!
Kicking bottle off dummy's head trick (Nick Bateman)
Trying to Kick Away Teargas Canisters is Even Tougher on Ice
Where will you be when the drugs kick in?
Ninja kid nails a kick to the face
Unexpected Flying Kick
Green Bay invents an unorthodox but effective way of blocking a kick
Bunny Kicks Ass
A swift kick to the head
Goalkeeper Mark Oxley scores from drop kick
Back flip bicycle kick trick shot
Stop Trailing Me
James Rodríguez Makes an Incredible Kick for Columbia
Soccer player falls before scoring penalty kick
A Paraplegic Makes the First Kick a the World Cup
Here, hold my beer. That Ryu-like kick though.
Greatest free kick of all time by Roberto Carlos
It's Always The Sweep
One Kick Takes Your Opponent Down
Kick the ball, please.
Dizzy soccer ball kick
Kicked in the head while taking a selfie
Tony Jaa kicks lamppost
Kicking free a stuck elevator
Don't kick the vending machine
Quadruple Tornado Kick
A kick from 100 yards out turns out to be a good idea
kick flip direction
Kick of the century - Will Smith
Kicking a Russian cop
The Standing Slide Kick
Kicking object off head fail
Girl kicking hat off head fail
Asmir Begovic a soccer goalkeeper scores after 18 seconds with a kick from his own box today.