Jumps Gifs

Cat Jumps Into Space
Fan jumps in water to catch ball
And He's Gone
Goats Play Musical Stumps
Goat Hops Onto a Horse
MIT's Cheetah Robot Jumps Over The Blockades
Who Dares Approach My Window?
Almost Made It
Gosling Jumps Off a Roof To Join Their Family
This Guy Can Jump Higher Sitting Down Than Most People Can Standing Up
A Pug's Jumps Aren't As Graceful
The Jump at The End!
Lil Bub Jumps Off The Couch
Go For Your Goals
Bro Jumps Into a Pool From a Balcony
Mantis Tries to Jump
Cat jumps on horse's back. Barely made it
Unicycle leaps
Overly Manly Man Jumps Rope...
Nice Dismount!
Mountain bike front flip fail
Tiger jumps to catch meat, filmed in slow-motion
Insane High Jump
Synchronized Cat Fail
Flipping Good Unicycle Jump
Ferret jumps in a trashcan
Man jumps in water to save kid
Timing is Everything
Watch Out, Loose Ski
Barracuda jumps into fishing boat
Guy on the phone jumps over crashing dirt bike
Squirrel Jumps Into Birdfeeder
Car jumps over girls on stairs on the beach
A Very Dramatic Jump
The Key With Driving a Monster Truck is to Not Slow Down
Pushing It Over The Wire
Way to Stick The Landing, Bro
French Bulldog Puppy Learns to Trust His Owner's Arms
Guy jumps off a building, slides down a roof and lands on some stairs
So Elegant
Tricks Are Hard
This Guy Really Trusts His Ability to Jump Well
Might as Well Jump
Iguana Stick to The Plan
Two Crazy Stunts in One
Car jumps on platform parked on the side of the road
Pig jumps off moving truck
Almost There, Guy
Squirrel Couldn't Quite Make The Jump
Hey, I Gotta Go