Jumping Gifs

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt jumping into a wall.
Hitchhikers Are Getting Aggressive
Whenever I am in the waterpark trying to impress the onlooking girls by jumping from the jumping tower
Bulldozer is Happy
You Tried
When a Magic box transforms one jumping Kitty into another
Amazing...Horse Jumping Rope
A toad jumping in slow motion
Hoop jumping skills
Synchronized Jumping
Jumping from a window
This Feather Needs To Get Pounced On
Sometimes You Win
Keep on Trying
They told him they were going bungee jumping
MIT's Cheetah Robot Jumps Over The Blockades
Super Cut of Super Cats Jumping
A Pug's Jumps Aren't As Graceful
Jumping cat
Your Balloon Shield Will Not Protect You
Dog Jumping on TV Triggers Another Dog Jumping
This Cat Lives on The Mirror's Edge
No Door Shall Stop Me
Kitten failed jump off the TV
Hey I'll Help Eat That
Mission Impossible
Cat huge jump on bed
First Person Perspective Pole Vaulting
Pygmy Goat Checks Out Their Jumping Ability
Ferret's Accomplice For Escape
Feels Like I Have to Leaf This World
Jumping over a moat fail
Perpetual Motion
Filming While Trampolining
Concern For This Dog's Well-Being
Mega Jump Cat
Cute Chihuahua couch climbing fail
My dog jumping over christmas presents
Huge low rider hydraulics jump
This is My Jam!
Cat Meets Dog
World record truck jump by EMC and Lotus F1 team
Backflip from a hunting tower
This Scared Me at First
Dog Instructs Baby on The Science of Jumping
Ninja lemur bounces off walls
The jumping spider's attack is so fast, the gif appears to glitch
Car jumps over girls on stairs on the beach
Dog Really Likes Jumping Into Leaf Pile
Jumping Speedboat