Horse Gifs

Man unsuccessfully preventing a horse from going shopping
Horse petting a cat
When you like to jump like a horse
Horse Boop
Thermal visualization of the way a horse uses its tail to cool off.
Stupid Horse
I Like To Jump Like A Horse
Horse running on the beach
Napping With a Horse
Cuddling With a Tiny Horse
Onward My Faithful Steed!
Horse Shaking That Rump
Just a skidding horse and rider
My Horse is Also a Zebra
The Horse Whisperer
How a horse shoe crab moves
Stopping a horse
Horse playing jump rope.
Bulldog riding that horse like a pro.
Horse nibbles on cameraman's ear during filming.
Funny ass horse trot
Gif Horse
When a cat horse rides you
Ice Bucket Challenge on a horse fail
Cowboy hits The End sign while riding horse - Geico commercial
The greatest horse in all of animation history
Biker vs. horse close call
What a nice horse carriage - wait, what?
Shipping a fresh batch of horse semen...
Horse loves snow
Just a horse with yellow gloves on its ears.
Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a toy horse
When I have to piss like a horse and my office line won't stop ringing.
Horse vs. bunch of people tug-o-war.
Broncos fan wearing a horse mask and neighing
It takes three actors to bring this horse to life
Dog wants to play with police horse
Horse approves
Horse nibbles on cameraman's ear during interview
Thumbs Up Horse
Dancing horse dressed in japanese school uniform
Impossible horse rotation by Daniel Piker
Dog and horse playing tag
Skeleton-painted horse jumping
Interview bomb level: Horse
Minecraft horse spinning
Evangeline Lilly is not impressed with Orlando Bloom's horse riding
Pug tries to catch horse on TV
Amazing horse jump