Hit Gifs

Talk shit, get hit
You no hit my girlfriend - Russian accent.
Kid Gets Hit in the Head by a Water Balloon
Guys bumper falls off when he tries to hit a motorcyclist
"I'm ready, hit me!"
When you hit discard instead of equip.
Hit detection explained
How I invision every Redditor trying to hit on a girl.
The smell of my poop hit my cat pretty hard
Kid gets hit by swinging doors
Firmly Planted On The Face
Hitter, Catcher, and Umpire all get hit with the same pitch
focusing on staying alive after them drugs hit you hard
Careful, You Might Hit The Camera
Dunking kid gets hit in the head by hoop
Grandma playing ping pong gets hit in the face
Another Reason Why You Shouldn't Hit On People at The Gym
Guess Self Driving Cars Can Still Hit People
When in the pub with my very drunk friend keeps trying to hit on girls and I need a wizz.
Well Time To Hit The High Seas
Stop Trying to Hit Me And Hit Me
Guy gets hit by Ice Cream Truck
MRW I'm in the bathroom of the plane and we hit minor turbulence.
If we're posting actual Bruce Lee gifs check out the power of this side kick. No ropes. From the film Return of the Dragon. They said he kicked with the force of getting hit by a car.
Hit and Run
Looks Like He Hit The Reset Switch
Man hit by a train on what he thought was abandoned rail linr
Cyclist left standing after hit by a car
"Your hands can’t hit what your eyes can’t see"
Woman resting on road shoulder gets hit by runaway tire
My favorite college football hit
Cyclist almost hit by car
Hit by lighting
Why Are You Hitting Yourself?
Tree cutter gets hit by falling tree
Getting hit by a fart on stage
Boy uses escalator-powered move to hit on girl
Hit the brakes kid
Guess Go Pros Aren't Made For Getting Hit By Golf Clubs
Reporter gets hit by skateboard
Guy doing backflip almost hit by car
If unsure what something is, hit with paw
Guy almost hit by flying shrapnel from exploding car
Critical Hit
Schoolgirl walking across the street almost gets hit by bus
Umpire gets hit in the nutsack in last night's Angel Royals game
Keelung Taiwan - Falling rocks hit a car on the road
Recliner chair hits guy in face
Hunter Pence throws bat at ball and gets a hit
When I get hit with an unexpectedly tough question early in the exam