Funny Gifs

Dog fetches ball from under the couch
'Sherlock' outtake
AT-AT's Day Out
Upside down mouth
Woman pranks daughter while eating (Martina Hill)
Back Seat Back Up Dancer
Guy opens beer bottle with ass
Kid bangs head while coming down slide
Cyclist brakes and falls in a curve
Ram accidentally hits passing car
Dog shows baby how to crawl
Girl twerking falls out of moving car
Fixing the air conditioner
Bernese puppy running on ice
Chihuahua vs. heavy snow
Giants player celebrates by throwing ball at cameraman's face
Lighter explodes while lighting cigarette
Champagne popper
Woman steals TV under her dress
Dancing on horse in living room
Girl has a surprise in her mouth
Saudi tractor swing
Girl removes hand from guy when realizing she's on TV
Three-legged man
Little girl loses her roly poly bug
Kid does trick with his tooth
Sitting baby faceplants
Dog helps guy measure a wood plank
Kid lights firecracker in his mouth
Jumping over a moat fail
Jeff Gordon Riding Hard on a Tricycle
Who's Funny Looking?
Rabbit exits through cage bars
Reporter Spider-Man trust fall fail
Hockey player clotheslines himself with his stick (Mitchell Skiba)
GTA V - Sky diving through cargo plane
Reporter shoves make-up artist out of the way on live TV - Hannah Storm
Dog surfs across pool
Unicycle nut shot
Hawk Peekaboo
Blindfolded limbo prank
Kid doing a somersault lands on a guy's crutch
Gun recoil to the face
Morpheus parkour fail
Realistic seal face painting
They All Deserve It
BMX rider knocks out ceiling lights
Kid dances on the floor at wedding
Dogs Wearing Boots is Never Not Funny
Funny ass horse trot