Falling Gifs

Kitten saving human from falling out of window
Falling Stars, Rising Visualizer
the damn thing keeps falling down
Falling in style
Guy falling for five seconds
Simulation of falling in a black hole
Synchronized falling
Drops falling into water glass
When dropping an extended Slinky, the Slinky compresses at the same rate that it falls, creating the illusion that the bottom of the Slinky is suspended in mid-air until the falling top reaches the bottom.
A gif of a waffle falling down
Spiders were falling from the sky.
Fascinating: the asteroid Cruithne has nearly the same orbital period as Earth despite its far more elliptical orbit. Thus, it perpetually looks as if Earth is "chasing" Cruithne, including catching up and falling behind, but never passing it.
Falling down forever...
Orangutan is Falling Off The Wagon
Dad catches baby falling off couch
Drunk blonde falling into a pool.
Man Rescues Falling Drone in The Nick of Time
The Monarchy is Falling
Girl fall save
Kitty Falling Asleep
I need 4 points to get too 1500 pionts so here's me falling down
That moment when you find out that a game has falling damage
'Sherlock' outtake
Cyclist brakes and falls in a curve
Falling From Grace
Water droplet falling onto new water-repellant metal
Fifty bucks if you make it across without falling in!
Building falling down
orb of falling arrows by bigpoppae
Tree cutter gets hit by falling tree
Cat Has The Best Reaction to Cheese Falling on Their Face
Water droplet falling unto sand
Man falls into hole while pushing car out of service garage
Walking Dead physics make no sense as falling van lands like a cat
Kids on magic carpet ride fail
Jupiter 'shepherds' the asteroid belt, preventing the asteroids from falling into the sun or accreting into a new planet.
Baby alpaca falling asleep.
Guy taking photo falls in the water
Kid ball trick fail
Huge rope swing fall
Stevie Wonder catches falling microphone during concert
That falling feeling...
Bike falling from heaven causes accident
Keelung Taiwan - Falling rocks hit a car on the road
Stairs Can Be Tough When You're Drunk
Falling into the tub
Motorcycle dirt bike jump gone wrong
Just Pressing X Gets You Nowhere