Earth Gifs

How Earth and the Moon look from Saturn
A Breathing Earth - the annual pulse of vegetation and ice
The Earth over the course of one year. The equinoxes occur when the line is vertical.
Earth as seen from the Iss
With no humans left on the moon to record the astronauts departure, a camera was controlled by a crew on Earth using a high gain antenna. xpost from inspirationscience
The Earth without water
It's Earth Day today so,
From Earth to Uranus in one second
The proper distance between the moon and Earth
How astronomers use the parallax effect when the Earth orbits the Sun to measure distances to other stars
The Earth in 7 billion years
Fascinating: the asteroid Cruithne has nearly the same orbital period as Earth despite its far more elliptical orbit. Thus, it perpetually looks as if Earth is "chasing" Cruithne, including catching up and falling behind, but never passing it.
If the planets revolved around the earth , then to explain what we see in the sky, they would have to move as shown on the right. Instead, heliocentrism relies on the simpler movement to the left, paving the way to its acceptance.
This is the pattern produced by the orbits of Earth and Venus around the Sun.
Earth breathing
Impact and forming of a crater when a meteor hits earth
For tomorrows Earth day.
Water on Earth compared to Europa
Classic: Violence on The Earth
Venus years vs. Earth years
Earth years vs. Venus years
What is The Green Light Floating Around Earth?
Arrangement of the GPS satellite constellation around Earth
A Timelapse of Earths Rotation
Stabilized time-lapse of the night sky clearly shows how Earth rotates.
Earth rise
Earth without water
Journey to the center of the earth part 1
If the earth got sucked into a black hole, this would happen
It's Earth Day, everybody!
Water bender vs. earth bender
A Breathing Earth
Earth from the I.S.S.
In honor of the relatively small asteroid that hit earth today, here is the asteroid's point of view.
How Mars Deals With Earth (get the bug spray)
Finally, I have collected 6000 souls of the Earth
a view of Earth from the ISS
GIF of the path of orbit of an asteroid that came in close contact with Earth in 2003 and will return in 2032
One way that we know the Earth isn't hollow: P and S waves of Earthquakes reflect differently!
"Is bender a bad role model for earth children?"
The speed of light from Earth to the Moon (source: Wikipedia)
If other planets were as close to earth as the moon [FIXED]
If other planets were as close to earth as the moon
earth to biggest stars
Earth northern hemisphere
Earth Breathing.
Why Aliens Visit Earth
A view of Earth from the International Space Station
Vegetation on Earth