Dancing Gifs

Someone's Happy They Don't Have to Pay Alimony Anymore
This Bird is Keeping The Dance Floor Active
Skeleton Rave Baby is Here to Dance on Halloween
So That's What a Bearded Chicken Looks Like
Dad When His Song Comes On
Politics And Dancing Shouldn't Mix
When You And Your Squad Really Hear That Beat Come In
Splish Splash, I"m Taking a Bath
You Have to Test It With Dance Moves
Dancing Zebra
Hey It's The Start of a Three Day Weekend
The Nicholas Brothers - Jumpin jive' on the stairs
Hula Master
That Moment When You Are Dancing And Suddenly Remember Something Upsetting
Techno Viking Dances to Whatever You Are Listening To
This Guy Really Likes Dancing at Work
How About No
Dancing Pug
Whoa, I'm a Cat
Taylor Swag
Dancing With The Dog
The '80s Weren't All Bad
And She's Dancing Like She's Never Danced Before
Guy riding a dancing dinosaur
Synchronized Segway Dancing at Burning Man
64 dots moving from center and out that appear to be dancing
Pole dancing is an art form
Dancing Dog
Even If You Can't Dance, You Should Dance
Dancing with Deer
Elephants Dancing to a Violin
John McCain does the robot dance
Dancing Adipose
Swag Activation
Caught in The Groot
Meanwhile in Russia
The Plane Pilot Just Wants a Better View of Those Dance Moves
Usain Bolt Dances to The Proclaimers
When You Get Into a Trance From Music
Girl dances with her eyebrows
Gettin' Jiggy With It
Don't Turn Down For Laundry Day
Hey, It's Friday Time To Dance
This is The Kind of Party I Want to Be At
Some Guys Get All The Luck
He's Been Here For a While
Dancing with a cap
Baby Dance Party
Sideways Hop Swishy Tail Dance