Dance Gifs

Hey, dance with me
When you're asked to dance in a commercial but don't know any moves
Dance Level : Extreme
white people can dance too
Last Avatar Dance off.
Everybody dance now!
It's All Fun And Games Until You Need to Pee
The eternal mysterious dance of the cosmos
Parakeet's Hypnotic Victory Dance
Someone Has Incredible Dance Moves
Hard Dance Style
No drama, I just wanna dance
A dance in the name of eric
Baby Penguin Dance Party
Little Tiny Bears Have a Dance Party
This is My I'm Tired Dance
When you're asked to dance in public but it's not your jam
Everytime I try to dance on butter
When I try to dance with a girl at a club, but she's not interested
Kitty's got dance skills
Let me show you the dance of my people
You Gotta Dance When The Urge Hits
Spongebob Dance
Dance with pixel mapping
Those Dance Moves!
Dance Monkey Dance!!
How to dance
Dance Off With The Cops in Australia
Texas dance lesson
Godzilla Doing The Happy Dance
This Bird is Keeping The Dance Floor Active
Skeleton Rave Baby is Here to Dance on Halloween
Baby dance off
You Have to Test It With Dance Moves
Never captured before on film, here we can see the complex mating dance of the wild excavator
Cat Dance Squad
umbrella dance
When I'm at a dance/wedding reception/etc and trying to remember the moves to a group dance
The Carlton Dance is back
Fifteenth Century Victory Dance
Weave on the dance floor
Lion Dance Training
Even If You Can't Dance, You Should Dance
Dance brought them together, Society kept them apart
Ron Swanson's sweet dance moves
John McCain does the robot dance
Straight from my wedding video to your hearts, my friend's dance move, the Bukkake.
The Plane Pilot Just Wants a Better View of Those Dance Moves
Hey, It's Friday Time To Dance
Baby Dance Party