Dad Gifs

Dad opens a spring-loaded glitter bomb
Our dad can do anything.
Dad reflexes
Surprising my 67 y.o. dad after he hiked 2,653 miles completing the Pacific Crest Trail.
When your dad is smarter than you
MRW I tell a perfect Dad joke
Dad mode active
Already Dad of the Year
My dad loved the silent rave...
dad of the year
Helpful toddler brings Dad water
When scaring Dad goes wrong.
Baby girl scares her dad by screaming when he attempts to trim her nails
Dad of the year
That dad reflex
Dad reflex
Nightmares all thanks to Dad
French Bulldog Puppy Teaches Dad to Simmer Down
Dad Breaks The Trampoline
Dad catches baby falling off couch
Dad Instincts
Dad knocks out his son
This Reminds Me of Your Dad
Darth Vader vs. Dad
Look at her face and tell me this dad isn't her hero?
Hockey Makes Dad Angry
Dad vs. Glass Door
Family dad smash side window of car easily
Mom and dad are talking about what I did. I am in serious trouble this time. Time to creep backwards before they see me for questioning.
This is what my dad thinks I do all day at work
How to spot a dad
Epic Stan's Dad Costume
Dad reflexes saving the day
dad doesn't like metal
Kung Fu dad
My dad making a 6 braid Challah Bread
Baby's Reaction to Cool Dad is Priceless
Dad's Ultimate Shot
Proud mom and dad and their kids
A dad uses crazy reflexes to save his son.
Manny is my kinda dad
Dad teaching his son the #1 lesson in life
My mom caught my dad playing air guitar.
Dad saves his son from hitting the ground hard
My dad when he overhears me complaining how fast my hair grows
I work for my dad and asked him if we're closing early today for the holidays. His reply:
Trying to end a conversation with my dad when I get in trouble
Child prays with dad
MAN UP! I WIN! - Dad
My dad asked me to mock up his new "rocking" chair idea.