Cross Gifs

When I cross a busy street
Why did the tree cross the bridge?
On The Old Rugged Cross
Fucking Idiot tries to cross a street before everyone else
Texas high school softball catcher knocks baserunners to the ground as they cross home plate
BT-7 tank balancing on logs to cross a river
Lift, cross section visualized
The new ISIS "special forces" training video looks like a cross between a Monty Python sketch and a Bollywood movie.
Cross Country Skiing Robot is Welcoming Mascot For The Impending Robot Apocalypse
This Guy Tries to Cross The Street Before Everyone Else
Cross wind difficulties when landing a small plane
Driver helping an old lady cross the street
Seeing someone wearing skinny jeans, cross a puddle.
Why you don't try to cross flooded roads.
why did the dog cross the road
Cross Between Fishing And Birdwatching
If you cross your eyes just right, this gif becomes a 'magic eye' gif
Get your body and soul jacked while offending many people! Cross Fit by Jesus.
Crossing fail
Keep Your eyes on the cross & You'll see cartoon versions of famous people
Crossing a river in style
Pregnancy cross section.
Patriarch Kirill's folding cross
What happens when you cross juggling with kick-ups?
cross your eyes until they meet and become 3d
Crossing the street
Stereogif! This is a parallel view, if you have trouble viewing it, try the cross eyed view link in the comments
Why did the tree cross the bridge?
Just trying to cross the street
Cabbage Cross Section
Come on! We gotta cross the water!
The real truth behind what happens when an unstoppable force and an immovable object cross paths
Cross-eyed cat
Crossing a river in Russia