Catches Gifs

Crazy guy goes kite-surfing ahead of Hurricane Matthew and catches massive air
Guy in crowd catches flying baseball bat while holding his beer then kisses his wife like a true American
MRW someone catches my obscure reference
His Expression When He Catches It Is Priceless
Nascar tire catches fire
The Flip Flop Catches Its Prey
Baseball fan catches foul ball POV
Bear catches piece of bread
Dog catches bukhet
Dad catches baby falling off couch
When the teacher catches you sleeping and you act like you know whats going on...
Man on the phone catches runaway stroller
Fish catches cat
Guy catches seagull at the beach
Rocket launcher pickup catches fire
Jack Russell terrier catches tiger's tongue
Nice Catch, Dog
Amazing police dog catches shooter
Man catches flying cat and puts it on an electric pole
MRW I casually eat a fly at work and a co-worker catches me in the act
Soccer player catches ferret on field and gets bitten
Stevie Wonder catches falling microphone during concert
stabilized. protester catches and throws back tear gas
When your crush catches you looking.
Man Catches Flying Bird With Bare Hand
Printer catches paper
Bishop Sankey Catches a Football While Flipping
Lion catches an antelope in mid-air
Weezer's Drummer Catches a Frisbee And Doesn't Drop The Beat
He catches his head just in time.
I Won't Let You Go, Baby
Dog catches kite
Fan with flare catches fire from pepper spray
Man catches bus during interview
Trap shooter catches piece of trap
How the Sawfish catches its prey
Fish catches bird in flight
Mom catches baby right before banging head
Corgi catches treat in slow-motion
Home Depot employee catches baby
Cop catches teens smoking pot
Airport security guy catches falling baby
Grandma's robe catches fire while cooking
Praying mantis catches goldfish
Lizard catches ant
Jaguar catches crocodile
Bald Eagle catches lunch
In response to the baseball catches on the front page, here is my favorite ground rule double grab by a fan.
Girl catches big fish
Hockey goalie dog catches balls