Cat Gifs

Cat vs assassin
Giant Maine Coon cat startled by cucumber
The Most Adorable Cat Award goes to...
Matrix Cat
Cat gets stuck in a sandal.
Dog and cat swimming.
Cat spots a cucumber lying in wait just in time to make a getaway
The smell of my poop hit my cat pretty hard
Found in the Cat Righting Reflex entry in Wikipedia
Cat tolerates little humans nap time.
Whenever I want to cuddle my cat
Jumpin cat flash hits the gas gas gas.
Zombie cat
Hitler cat uses's very effective
My cat Shadow's signature move
The Cat I Bought Online Just Arrived
Startled by another cat
why do you do this, cat
Inception cat
Cat startled by rug
Cat uses ninja moves to save her kitten from large dog
A little cat
Loan shark... Ehr... cat
This way, cat !
The hardest part of owning a cat
Saucy Cat says No
Fatty cat tries to fit in the box..
My cat lets himself in now.
A Cat a day drives the Mice away
Cat tries on a Thundershirt
Lazy cat steps in to break up a fight
Cat gets scared by a sneaky cucumber - Better quality
"Honey, I think the cat is broken."
Cat surprised by a cucumber
Another cat vs another banana
Cat vs Banana
Cutest startled cat by a lizard!
Boxing match
Spring loaded cat
I have never seen a cat so desperate for milk
Kitty cat trap
Someone let the cat out of the bag
A cat in snow contemplates it's tail
Hopping in the snow - Learn from this Cat
Cat in the dark
Cat just wants to Dog
cat is worried about toilet flushing
Cat malfunctions at the sound of a crinkling plastic wrapper
Acrobat Cat !