Camera Gifs

The blades on the University of Michigan's Survival Flight helicopter sync with the shutter speed of my phone's camera perfectly.
A Night's Work Caught on Security Camera
The main advantage of CCTV camera
This camera man is cool under pressure
With no humans left on the moon to record the astronauts departure, a camera was controlled by a crew on Earth using a high gain antenna. xpost from inspirationscience
whatever you can do, there's someone with a camera that can do it even better
I travel cross-country once a year for my favorite music festival. I saw an old friend from a distance, but he didn't notice me or my camera until he was right in front of me.
Stanley Kubrick operating camera on The Shining
Snowy Owl landing on a traffic camera in Montreal
Hello, Is the camera on?
This GIF illustrates why your phone camera takes weird photos of spinning propellers.
A "three-dimensional" photograph taken with a Nishika N8000, a four-lens stereo camera from the 80's. Pretty cool effect.
Camera Man Cuddle
Cheese Wheel Runs Amok
Careful, You Might Hit The Camera
Seagull Becomes Cameraman
The Look Who's Talking Reboot Looks Effing Intense
Where there is a filming camera there's always one of these guys
Putting a camera on the front of a truck with a TV on the back so you can see when to pass.
Reporter freakout on camera
Truck with wireless camera on the front connected to four screens in the back
A $60K Lens Added to a Compact Camera Allows you To see The Pores of The Moon
Showing off for the camera
Get That Camera Out of My Adorable Face
Rand Paul Staffer Licks The Camera Lens For Some Reason
Not Camera Shy
The office dog is camera shy
Crow Checks Out a Camera at The New Hockey Stadium
Inside a Camera at 10,000fps
Big Brother's Newest Creations
Ultraviolet camera reveals freckles caused by sunlight
Scientists create 100 billion fps camera capable of imaging laser pulse reflecting
Taking a Selfie in Space
Dude Steals Squirrel's Go Pro Camera
That's a Nice Camera You Have There, Bub
Ninja Cameraman
Set up a Manything camera at my house... Got this disturbing alert today:
Kids on bike get instant karma after showing middle finger to camera
Baseball breaks camera glass
While removing the Horny Satan statue in Vancouver, this worker had a moment of clarity that prevented him from grabbing the wrong part of the statue in front of the camera
Today I broke my ankle, but at least we caught it on camera for a nice cringe worthy GIF.
Thief noticed my security camera last night. You can almost hear the moment he fills his pants.
Dragster Vs. Camera
Disney's MultiPlane camera
Pallas's cat checks out camera
USA fan cheering for the camera after the game winning goal
Pelican cam
The Power of Camera Movement in Star Trek
Look in the camera and smile.
She wanted to be the only one on camera