Call Gifs

Fuck you gravity i am a ho....please call an ambulance
After working a year in a call center.
Call of Duty in a nutshell
"I have to call you back. I'm being mauled."
This Seagull Didn't See Who Came To Get Them
Last call
This thing you call "lip balm" was getting cocky
They call him officer smooth
They call him 'Flash'. I call him a legend
Not sure what to call this...maybe 'butt juggling?'.
I guess they don't call it a ROTL monkey for nothing
"Oh shit! Craig, call someone....A scientist, call a scientist!"
I call this masterpiece "Falling Downvote"
If I Go Crazy Then Will You Still Call Me Superman
Someone Call The Doctor
No one can call her two faced
When I call Shotgun
This is what rowers call an "ejector crab".
They don't call it the XXL without reason
Time to Call The Cat, Maybe?
Did someone call for me?
Did someone call for me?
Call of Duty in a nutshell
Should we like, call someone?
Call me
Call Me
When I call someone lanky
We Call Him Smooch
They call me Cuban Pete
When the hot girl cutting my hair got distracted by a phone call and unknowingly stood there just running her fingers through my hair.
When my parents are drunk at a party and call me over
Now that's what I call kitty love
Japanese child actress Mana was embarrassed that she couldn’t pronounce Guillermo Del Toro’s name so he gave her special permission to call him “Totoro-san” instead.
Why do they call it that?
Not really sure what to call this.
Call the cops I dont give a fuck
Got a hot girls number at the bar this weekend. Follow up with a call and found out she has three kids with 2 guys and she lives with her mother.
Call the fire department..or the air force...just get me down!
You call this winter?
Someone please call the exorcist
This is what I call fear
That's what i call skill
When I get drunk by myself and it's time to call it a night
Financial Aid says to call Billing, Billing says to call Financial Aid...
Booty call
Hello, this is your 7 o'clock wake up call
Did someone call me?
My Call of Duty experience
You will call her.
ahh just gonna measure this ri.. oh god karen! call the police!