Cake Gifs

Cake Idea
How I feel on my second cake day
Transformers Birthday Cake
This is Oddly Satisfying
Horse Blows Out Birthday Candles
Oldest cake trick in the book gets 'em every time
Cake Fight
Thanks Dad
Cream covered chocolate cake conveyor.
Have some cake
Cake Porn
I'm on a Diet!
Ice cream sandwich cake
this is my cake day submission
What day is it? Pi Day? Steak and BJ day? My Cake Day?WHAT!?!
That is my cake day...
My feelings after waiting an entire year, dreaming of the karma I would reap in on my cake day.... I got 9 points
There's an hour and 47 minutes left in the day and I just realized its my cake day. I googled "Random gif" and this was on the first page of results. That's the extent of my effort on this.
Cake day expectations
my first cake day in 3 years
Today is my third cake day. It's also the third time I repeat my engineering classes.
Cake [OC]
coming out of lurk-mode for cake day karma
I just found out I missed my cake day
For my cake day, I present you with my absolute favorite gif.
And most disturbing cake award goes to...
Epic cake maneuver!
My friend said it was his cake day.
Steve Aoki throws a cake 80 feet into the crowd and hits a wheelchair kid in the face
Missed cake day...
Remembering my cake day was yesterday instead of today.
It's my Cake Day, so i give you a gif which made me cry with laughter, its entitled "Hiccups are scary!"
my cake day hopes
Saw a cake next to my name today.
When I post a Cake Day gif in r/reactiongifs and they immediately reject it.
It's my first cake day, WHAT DO I DO!?
Waking up and not being prepared for my cake day
My posts on cake day
Found out it's my cake day with only minutes to spare
with 2 hours left in my cake day, i present to you my all time favorite gif
OC for my cake day... climb to the top, my friend!
Welp ...this is pretty much how my cake day went.
Have some cake
So it's 11:30pm and I saw the cake icon.
I just realized it's my cake day with nothing to post...
Today is my CAKE DAY!?!?! So here is my favorite Gif