Breaking Gifs

This GIF Shows the Evolution of the Breaking News From Orlando
This is Heart breaking
Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston dressed as each other’s characters at a Breaking Bad cast party.
How I felt after breaking up with a girl who only liked me for my money.
Trying to post without breaking any rules
Bear With It
F/A-18 breaking the sound barrier
Breaking News: A giant bird terrorizes the city
breaking cat-physics
In honor of my bestfriend breaking up with his gf of 2 years.
Taylor Swift right after breaking up with a boyfriend
Breaking the 4th wall
Early Breaking News
Forget breaking the internet, let us not forget the 1 year anniversary of this masterpiece
Breaking out of jail.
A werewolf breaking a window and flipping the bird
if breaking bad was a '90s game
Baseball breaks camera glass
In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Rubik's Cube, here's Mats Valk solving it in 5.55 seconds breaking the world record.
Slo-mo bubble breaking
breaking walls [OC]
A wind turbine breaking in strong wind.
Breaking a bottle with cavitation (beer bottle trick)
Breaking a neon tube
Breaking the wishbone with my brother every Thanksgiving usually goes something like this
Amazing friend saves his friend from breaking the neck.
My dad's reaction when I told him that the Breaking Bad finale was starting.
Breaking character.
A man breaking a concrete block in half. With his hand. In slow mo.
The Simpsons: Breaking Bad
Breaking the Computer Freak
Bones Breaking
Breaking down a square
To anyone talking about Breaking Bad right now.
As someone who won't get to watch the Breaking Bad finale until tomorrow night
Breaking news in Philadelphia
Previously, on Breaking Bad
Just sitting here, waiting for the next Breaking Bad episode to air...
Now we know where Todd from Breaking Bad learned to shoot.
Leaked ending of Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul on The Price Is Right
Breaking news!
Breaking Bad the Little Kids Musical
Breaking Bad will be back soon. Here's a recap of the most recent episode. [OC]
Breaking the ice with the ladies [OC]