Box Gifs

My school celebrated Halloween today so I taught grade 8 as a person trapped in a box
Balrog checks out a box
This month's LootCrate box was...weird.
Cat vs Laptop box
Cat playing with Kleenex box
cat in the box
When a Magic box transforms one jumping Kitty into another
MRW I pull up to a drive thru box and they ask if I want to try the new promotional item
Heart in Box
McDonald's introduces its new McBike box for cyclists!
Space in a box
Casulo; The Room In A Box
and this is how you put yourself in a box ...
Pointless Box
That's a heavy box
JJ Watt - Standing box jump
Nice Box
Drum corps performs box drill
Soft drink box hat swap
Box cat.
When You Leave a Box of Fish in The Back of Your Truck
Why is this box already open?
Cats in the box
Lung in a Box
How to open your new Macbook Pro box
No cat can resist the allure of a box
The super box cat
Cigar box juggler
Boxer warming up
Kitten vs. Box
Asmir Begovic a soccer goalkeeper scores after 18 seconds with a kick from his own box today.
Boxing training.
Cat in a small box
The box doesn't fit.
Boxing kitty watches boxing.
Skinner Box
Boxes in boxes [OC]
Cat tries to get in small box
"Alright, sir, you have five more doughnuts to pick and your box will be full."
Box continuously falling down conveyor belt (Created by /u/photopteryx )
How I imagine message box of girls posting on /r/gonewild
Roger the Bunny vs Box
Changing the litter box
No box is too small for a cat.
Magic box
Sweet free box
Cat jumping in and out of box
Cat jumping out of box