Bar Gifs

Straight bar passing through a hyperbola
Tag team on the high bar
Fiery high bar swinging
The bar can't even lift
The explanation to the ever expanding chocolate bar
As a 90s kid, this piece of advice did not help me in a bar last night
When my friend and I go to the bar looking for girls
MRW it's been a long week and the guy at the bar next to me is buzzed and trying to make small talk
Perpetual bar swinging
Meanwhile at The Baby Goat Bar
Explaining the Chocolate Bar illusion
Remember When You'd Try to Get The Swing Over The Bar
Straight Bar Passing Through a Hyperbola
When I'm drinking with a buddy at a bar and their ex walks in
A straight metal bar passes through a curved opening
MRW walking into the bar right as it opens
MRW a bunch of girls at a bar are discussing how chest hair and beards are gross, but one says she thinks they're sexy.
Straight bar passing through a curved hole
When i drunkenly approach ladies at the bar
Got a hot girls number at the bar this weekend. Follow up with a call and found out she has three kids with 2 guys and she lives with her mother.
Bar trick with Kalhua and Milk. Density of Liquids and immiscibility. Add some Vodka and make a White Russian.
Uneven bar dismount (now banned)
MRW I realize my ex is at the same bar as me
Youtube's loading bar
The best bar trick
Generally my experience at the bar after 3am
Reaction in a Chicago bar watching the stanley cup to the second goal in 17 seconds that won their team the game
Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar
Trying to make eye contact with the girl across the bar
Stumbling in from the bar last night...
When I overhear a cute girl in a bar saying she'll fuck the first guy she'll talk to.
When my one friend gets too drunk at bar
Bar Refaeli wedgie