Awkward Gifs

Awkward culture clash
Pope gives Trump the awkward face
Being the third wheel is awkward
That awkward moment when the beer goggles wear off
She Nose This Isn't Going to Last
Ever Feel This Way?
A little awkward
Awkward moment seal
An awkward threeway
What Happens When Your Blade is Made From Steel That Has Been Folded Hundreds of Times
Even Thor Has To Deal With Awkward High Fives
Raising The Roof is Hard With Tiny Arms
When Your Friend Hugs You For Too Long
Dog's Family Reunion
What I Feel Like I Look Like When Talking to a Potential Love Interest
Fighting is a Graceful Act
Possibly the most awkward ending of a press conference
Girl removes hand from guy when realizing she's on TV
Awkward penguin slips and falls off diving board...
Me Too, Dog
Awkward first date
Even video games have awkward high fives
That awkward moment...
Don't Look!
Fun Size Subway Experience
A Problem With Live Television
Awkward Spiderman restroom
Awkward CCTV
How I Met Your Father
This awkward clip from Taylor Swift's new "Shake It Off" video was begging to be giffed up
Unsuccessful Handshake
Don't Be a Chicken, Bro
Don't Leave Him Hanging, Bro
When Your Friend Asks For Your Approval on Something You Don't Care About
It's Always Awkward to Eat in Front of a Mirror
That Moment When Someone Asks You To Smile When You Don't Feel Like It
Time For an Awkward Handshake
The Head Rub at The End of This is Going to Be a New Post-Accidental Hump Move For Aeons to Come
Awkward robbing
that awkward moment ... imagine
Awkward high paw
That awkward moment, when that feeling hits you
Buying condoms can be awkward sometimes.
How to make a conga line awkward
Well this is awkward
"I have an awkward boner" - Kanye West
The awkward moment when your cousin has to sit on your lap because there is no room in the car
Awkward Putin
Preventing an awkward moment