Animation Gifs

I carved dozens and dozens of pumpkins to turn them into frames of a stop motion animation
A 'loading...' gif animation made by u/shotteh22
Amazing, highly-detailed animation
Samurai Animation
Animation in webcomics
Hi Reddit, I made a breathing animation too! Sit back! Relax!
Ponyo animation by Servan Castillo
This loading animation on a clothing website
Star nursery animation
Animation of Newton's Method for approximating the roots of a real-valued function
Really old animation freaks me right out
Animation using a single continuous line in each frame
My First Loading Animation
Stop animation fish simulation
Responsive Webdesign GIF animation
Come On, Move It
Phonotrope animation
All In All, You're Just Another Brick In The Wall
This Would Make The Coolest And Cutest Loading Screen Animation
Test animation from a game I'm working on.
Soothing Balance
Playing With Portals
Eternia: Dancing on Ice
Let's Get Toasted
Abstract animation
I made an animation of the life of 212 flowers in one garden and thought you might find it educational.
There's No Larger Good Than You Own Happiness
We Are Receiving Transmissions
animation by: DarkAngelØne
Animation showing the Unemployment in Europe from year 2002-2012.
So That's How Dachshunds Are Made
An Animation Comes Alive
Game loading animation
The Triangle is The Origin of Everything
Stitch is Pixelized
Floating chickencow animation
Made this animation for a gaming history video. It's called "Reign of the Consoles". Made in style of an old 80's cartoon intro
Goku vs Superman Flipbook Animation
Hand Drawn Animation Test
The greatest horse in all of animation history
Memes are not really my thing, but the animation on this is awesome...
Wasowski animation
Stormtrooper animation
There is so much beauty in this animation
CMYK Animation [OC]
Animated street graffiti
The animation quality of The Simpsons: 1990s vs. 2010s.
The first ever animation
Neat little animation of our solar system in action
Damn...just look at that detail in this early animation of Disney's ROBIN HOOD