Accidents Gifs

Minivan crossing tram tracks
Close call sudden frontal collision
Main water pipe burst
Woman on crosswalk walks into oncoming truck
Service car causes cycling accident
Wrecked bus drives down the highway
Cyclist brakes and falls in a curve
Taiwan plane crashes into river and hits car
Cyclist left standing after hit by a car
Woman resting on road shoulder gets hit by runaway tire
Cyclist gets something caught in his front wheel
Speedboat flip POV
Lucky guy in intersection survives accident
Crashing biker almost run over by truck
Russian man walks into a tram
One Lucky Russian
Just Taking The New Car Out For A Spin
Close call between two racing boats
An Important Reminder to Pay Attention While Changing Lanes
Schoolgirl walking across the street almost gets hit by bus
Guy stops girl on bicycle, probably avoiding accident
Prius Narrowly Avoids Hitting a Bugatti
Acrobatic biker accident
Double Impact
Ship crashes into beach
That's One Way to Get Your Car Off a Truck
Jet ski collides into another jet ski
Guy falls off hand rail in the stands
Meanwhile in Russia
Cop hits pedestrian on crosswalk
Close Call!
Good Thing They Didn't Hit Th...
Motorcycle hit from the back
Angry biker gets struck by karma
Zipline break fail accident
Motorcycle accident
Car explodes on impact during intersection collision
Motorcycle avoids multiple crashes
Scoter rider falls in manhole
Kid almost hit by ambulance
Avoiding traffic
Motaz Salhani lucky goal
Excited test drive dummy
Towing fail
Ukrainian guy almost hit by tram
Dumb motorcycle driver bumps into cars and falls into a pit
Motorcycle truck encounter
Close call on highway
Flying pigeon gets hit by train