Newest Gifs

When I enter any discussion on the war on drugs, international politics or gender issues
Not her first baseball game
Smooth recovery
Please, do not disturb the couch fort's guard kitty
Asked Calmly.
My cat is an awful Solid Snake
Mrazek save
Monkey Adopts a Bushbaby
Is the banana dead? Oh shit!
The same feeling every weekend.
Where will you be when the acid kicks in?
Beautiful fireworks!
My Kind of Party
Cat watching a movie quietly
Yankee fan helping himself
careful, wait, wait Oh NO! Not Again!
Underground nuclear bomb explosion
Calvin and Hobbes
Every time I'm at my grandmothers place.
Dashcam 1930's Style
Owl headbutted by bird
Typical cat
Every combat game ever made
Which way is the train moving?
Sup girl, u wanna do dis?
Even Tiger Lords Need to Pet a Puppy
Quick reverse
Women's handball cop a feel
Surprise KO.
Eye for an eye
They're called the kings of the jungle for a reason.
A Red Blood Cell's journey through the body, in real time!
Ok, I'm outta here
Storm uncovers national treasure in man's backyard!
Damn it!
Stabilization attempt
Inventor of table saw that detects human flesh to stop the blade tests it with a high speed camera, and his own finger...
Oh sorry man, didn't know you were down there!
Booped Your Tongue, Bud
What happens to that one sober friend who goes out with you on nights out
The Mystery of Woman
Way Too Close to Lightning Crashing
"Let me get that for you"
The best nickel ever!! [Spoilers?] x/post from /r/funny
Double Standards