Logistics Tips For Packing Your Goods For Shipping

If you send goods rarely, you may be tempted to use whatever box you have lying around rather than spend the time and effort to obtain a better one, but this may not be the best option. As is the case with sunscreen, seat belts, bicycle helmets, and other safety measures, a strongbox is the first line of protection against harm to your freight.

Logistics Tips For Packing

Additionally, if your previous box has words or images written on it, or if it still has its original mailing labels, this might impede the sending process. If you ship a lot of items, you’re undoubtedly well-stocked with various-sized boxes. However, even if you do not, it is prudent to have some on hand. It’s convenient if you’re in a rush to mail anything.

Consult our logistics department for specifics on size and price. A fraction of an inch can sometimes be the difference between saving a few dollars and paying a higher rate. Simultaneously, avoid packing a box with more than it can hold. Bulky goods and inadequately insulated freight are more prone to harm.

Utilize Appropriate Packaging Materials

Packing peanuts and bubble wrap are excellent, but they perform much better when combined with packing paper. Years ago, we referred to this as a “newspaper,” but that term is becoming increasingly scarce. Packing paper can be purchased in bulk online from manufacturers or in smaller amounts at retail outlets.

Whichever material you pick, it is critical to completely cover the empty area in your container with packing material. Packing material’s purpose is to insulate and protect your freight while also preventing it from moving around inside the box. Consider adding a small amount of additional material to account for settling during transport.

Even if you only send goods once a year, investing in a decent roll of transparent packaging tape is worthwhile. If you ship regularly, consider investing in a tape tool – it’s far faster and easier to use. Tape not just the top and bottom of the box but also the edges and corners. It is the most effective method of protecting your freight.


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