Viral Gifs

French bulldog puppy jumps off couch
Amazing save by the blade of Jonathan Quick's ice skate
The Milwaukee Brewers adopted a stray dog who wandered into their spring training facilities and named him Hank. Today he took part in his first Sausage Race.
Parkour cat
Beautiful Tiger
Good guy ferret organizes your socks
Marching Diglets
Amazing parkour
Just Snoop Dogg at The Last Supper
Konnichiwa, Clarice-chan.
Frisbee trick shot through two tires
24hrs Of Dubai
Good guy Keanu
Lamb and Doberman
Girl does funny leg tricks
Fun with Excel
Me and some guys are creating a 3d animation for uni course, here's one of the characters (Sleepy Bean) dancing continuously
Dog in Amazing long jump
First you think "she'd be awesome in bed" then you realize she would break you in half.
It's donuts all the way down
Mr. Fantastic waving goodbye from "The Fantastic Four"
Front flip throw-in goal - McKinney Boyd
breaking cat-physics
Blowing on a web full of spider babies
Baby Camels Go For a Stroll
Little girl water bottle focus kick
Bath Time For Birdy
Blooming coral time-lapse
"Gold-Flecked Ink"
MRW I see another "playboy sent to neighbor's house" thread on the front page of /r/reactiongifs
Cat interrupts a basketball game
attack of the laser cat
Bear cub boxing match
Jelly Sandals
Bike flip trick on a exercise ball
MythBusters - Slingshot
Gave my cat an 80's style head band, and he promptly killed himself
Baseball catch fail knock-out
Hopping Mrs.Claus
Girls skirt falls off while dancing
Cat does parkour to escape a kitten attack
Breaking the ice with the ladies [OC]
Best magic trick
lightning strikes tree captured from near house [gif]
Flying car accident dashcam footage
Call of Duty: Ghosts plot
Fresh Prince Dance
Best delivery guy ever? Best delivery guy ever.