Viral Gifs

Never doing laundry again
Girl jumps off roof and misses swimming pool
Dogs vs Cats
Cat Receives Transmission From Beyond
Cats, man...
"The floor is lava" Champion
Cat confused by disapparing man magic trick
Most "Free to play" games in a nutshell.
Cat pooping in the toilet fail
Cat parkour
Grumpy Cat found her boyfriend at Disneyland
Bullet-time dog jumping after frisbee
Came home from work early and I was met with the sound of moaning coming from up stairs then reality struck...I need to move out of my parents house...
Boy impresses girl in the stands behind him by giving her foul ball
"Who left the fridge open?... Tugg Speedman, Action Hero
"You Distract 'em, And I'll Get The Treasure"
Styrofoam peanut in acetone.
Sanya, a teen from Barnaul, a city in the West Siberian Plain, set himself on fire, jumped from the top of a building into the snow below, stood up and said 'that was cool!'
Cat jumping off table fail
Cat vs ant
Cats Hate Dogs
Dog drinking water in slow-motion
Cat: You scratch my back, I scratch yours
Cat uses ninja moves to save her kitten from large dog
Cats Help Make The Bed
Cat vs Soda Can
Cat performs cool light trick to impress his friend, who is obviously not easy to please.
Do It gates
Cat follows position of sun for maximum warmth
MythBusters - Slingshot
Crow feeding a cat & dog.
Double wall ride frisbee trick shot
Claws vs. claws.
Jump Rope. [xpost r/melisamendiny]
Everyone in Boston now that the guy has been caught.
Dog plays dead when getting shot
I searched for "Trippy Sexy". Ended up with an acid trip of a cat gif...I'm okay with this.
The new ISIS "special forces" training video looks like a cross between a Monty Python sketch and a Bollywood movie.
"I say ole chap... would you mind passing that morsel my way..."
Cat knocks on the door
Shtaap that Ronaldo
Something about portals
Cat tries to get in small box
24hrs Of Dubai
Burning Man dance circle