Viral Gifs

Bengal Cat Gives a Dog Massage
Bird Jesus
Bird doing a magic trick.
Will Smith soccer free kick fail
Bad timing.
Basically The Same Thing as a Really Hairy Child Walking a Dog
baby swing
Bottled water turns into ice when picked up from truck
Baby Dance Party
Boop boop boop
Baby owl on a man's shoulder
bear loves to party hard
Batman Super Selfie
Slow-motion water balloon bounce
Dad catches kid flying off swing
Cases of beer opener
Sloth "cuddles" cat
Hydrophobic sand in water
Water balloon popping in slow motion.
MRW I am watching live coverage of Boston police engaging the bomber suspect.
Best ice bucket challenge attempt yet.
Baseball fan catches foul ball POV
Baby Polar Bear's First Time Playing in The Snow
Brothers Gonna Work It Out
Backhoe ice bucket challenge fail
Basketball Frisbee Combo Trick Shot
Basketball dunking gone bad
Bruce Lee Baby
Dogs vs Cats
baby ping pong playa
This is so sick. I know it's a classic, but you have to check it out--slow motion epicness at its best! Water balloons to the face for the win.
Tuning fork touching water surface (x post r/gifs)
Never go full cat
Awesome gif from "the Shining"
MRW I was a kid playing video games at my friend's house and my mother told me we had to leave.
Because it is Monday and you can't be fucked going to work. Cute baby bunny rabbits cuddling.
Dog in Amazing long jump
Oh cats
bear climbing stairs, another view
Free kiss prank fail
Water?, oh god WATER
Cats, man...
Big cat doesn't like being styled upon
Bernese puppy running on ice
Baby dance off
Baby Hippo Hangs Out in The Water
Birds Struggle With The Steps
Baby riding in style
Huge grease fire in slow motion