Viral Gifs

Cat confused by disapparing man magic trick
Cat Attacks Itself
Cat gets teabagged by terrier puppy
Dogs vs Cats
Super Slow Motion Billiard Ball
cat + buttered toast = fuck you thermodynamics
Cat Care
Cat does parkour to escape a kitten attack
Drunk guy dancing
Dog hurdles.
Cat bathtub reflection reaction
MRW I realize I have work in one hour and I've stayed up all night listening to the police scanner following the shootout in Watertown and the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers.
Smart Cat
Bird doing a magic trick.
Cat and dog popcorn trick
Motocross track race start fail
Dog in Amazing long jump
Cat Gent
Giovanni Lorenzo KO shot in slow-motion
Cat climb
Cat boxing training.
Girl water ski board fail
Slow motion kick in the booty
Beer pong trick shot
Cat Doesn't Want to Go Outside
Cat Doesn't Tolerate Stuffed Animal
Cute puppy eating the cats ear
Cat Like Reflexes
Girl does funny leg tricks
Cowboy hits The End sign while riding horse - Geico commercial
Cats, man...
Cat and a small water balloon. I won't spoil the surprise
Trampoline pillow fight fail
A 'loading...' gif animation made by u/shotteh22
Giraffe sex fail
Tap-dancing cat
Guy goofing in swimming pool bangs head
Oh cats
Will Smith soccer free kick fail
Hydrophobic sand in water
MRW I got in an argument with both my girlfriend and best friend in the same day.
Long Jump
MRW I was a kid playing video games at my friend's house and my mother told me we had to leave.
Potato Girl from the anime Attack on Titan
If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life
Skydiving cat
Dog jumps on girl in swimming pool
Trampoline pool jump fail
Big cat doesn't like being styled upon