Viral Gifs

Cat falling through space.
Dog barking at a cat balloon
Cat Jumps Into Space
Cat interrupts a basketball game
A falling cat will always land feet first by 1) Rotating its head 2) Twisting the spine & aligning rear legs 3) Arching it's back. A textbook example. Absolutely flawless. Give it up for our demonstrator, Mr. Wiggles. And his assistant, Doug the
Conan in slomo
Business Cat doing business.
Cat meets baby first time
Cat falls into tub with NO water...
Credit goes to a tumblr artist named "PencilTest". He's making a Minish Cap style fan video, this is just a preview gif!
cat wearing a shark costume rides a roomba while duckling takes a dump
Mortal Kombat: Prom
In 2003 the Hubble telescope pointed its lens at a small empty spot in the sky, creating the Hubble Ultra Deep Field image, giving humanity its furthest look into deep space. This is a 3d model of that image, granting perspective to the massive scale
This awkward clip from Taylor Swift's new "Shake It Off" video was begging to be giffed up
Cat reunited after 2 months of being lost.
"OK...Sir, you can stop now, you broke the record four hours ago..."
Happy birthday to your face!
"How to wake up a lazy co-worker"
MRW I see another "playboy sent to neighbor's house" thread on the front page of /r/reactiongifs
Cat vs Dog
Cat vs HDMI Cable
"Do you think any of my friends look cute"
Bullet shot underwater in slow motion
Cat vs. steam
Penny Lane [Almost Famous]
Llama is judging you
Cats are truly amazing (video link in comments 2mins)
Cats are amazing! [Fixed]
Bulldog puppy kisses baby
Cats are amazing!
Cat rescue
Bottle on head kick gone wrong
Bruce Lee playing Ping Pong with nunchuks
Cats are assholes.
Jim Carrey in a tutu
Cat playing Jenga
Dad tosses kid in swimming pool on slide ride
Dogs vs. cats in one gif
Cat vs kitchen
Cat does parkour to escape a kitten attack
Cat falls into the snow
Mr. Fantastic waving goodbye from "The Fantastic Four"
Hand being a jerk to a Bunny
Cat Wants Into The Mirror World
Cat playing table tennis
Cat playing Jenga
Cat enjoys being pushed across the floor with a broom
"Woah, you never said your owner had a spinning room, dave"