Top Rated Gifs

Playing dress-up with dogs can be fun too
Girls, they always do silly things.
A snapping turtle doing what snapping turtles do.
Watch a 20mm anti-tank rifle destroying an Apple iMac in slow motion
Stop that shit, human...
Cat vs Dog
Emma Watson aka Sofia Vergara.. wtf?
Look at me! Look at me! I'm a ferret!
Every Episode of House, Ever
Minecraft Walking Chicken
Kate Upton Goes in Zero-G
I have no words...
Corgi catches treat in slow-motion
Dancing airman at the tailor
Squirrel playing with cat
Long tongue girl
Jennifer Lawrence and her womanly curves
Yoga 101
I don't know why but this gif makes me so damn happy
In 2003 the Hubble telescope pointed its lens at a small empty spot in the sky, creating the Hubble Ultra Deep Field image, giving humanity its furthest look into deep space. This is a 3d model of that image, granting perspective to the massive scale
Ariel Meredith
Kate Upton
Honda CR-V optical illusion
Kate Upton Bodypaint
Dog plays dead when getting shot
Puppies vs cat
Her legs just keep spreading, it hurts to watch.
How I imagine most guys reactions when they see Emma Waston or Jennifer Lawrence
Pug wink
Lady Gaga's ass at the VMA's... You're Welcome
The perfect hoop loop
MRW I am trying to cheer up my SO
The Neverending Happy Dog
If you're having a shitty day just remember, bad stuff happens to really hot people too.
I can't stop watching this
Those Eyes
Hitler's True Power Rangers
Couple stealing gas fail
Sitting at work on a rainy day.
Girl "Used to play rugby in high school", thinks she can tackle 315 pound college football player
Mesmerizing Minecraft TNT Tornado [OC]
Just when I get to that awesome part in a dream...
Salsa Dog
My all time favorite Jackie Chan Moment [Wait for it]
Drunk guy dancing
Smart Cat
As someone who went over to friends houses to play video games. This is true.
Trained cat
Library Dancing
Star and Black Hole nearly collide