To those who have never seen a koala running.. A perfect loop of a perfect loop I kept watching, waiting for it to miss. spinning D.N.A. GUUURL DON'T YOU EVEN TRY TO FUCKIN' TOUCH ME Now you can get your fill The endless fight (found in /r/gifsound) So how about an unsatisfying gif? Monkey Bebop A perfect baseball slide Converting two-way rotations to one-way rotation [OC] [X-post /r/mechanical_gifs] Monkey Waiter Industry In Myanmar it Pays to Pay the Toll But shit, it was 99 cents Hypocycloids /r/WTF celebrates Easter It's an owl thing, you wouldn't understand. Acting method Cat chilling Flip straw drink Magnetorheological fluid and a neodynium magnet Chipmunk massaging head Hair blowing wind subway ad Guy gets hit in the head by barrier
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